Vamsi Visions

About STEM Learning

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. My STEM learning series is a way of getting others involved to learn how things work and the science behind them. Each STEM Challenge is an opportunity for other people to express their interest and learn collaboratively.

STEM Learning - What inspired me

Initially, my interest started with assembling and playing with STEM toys. Whilst doing so, I tried to relate them with how this is scaled up in real world uses. Currently, I am focusing on reading STEM books, performing different STEM experiments and trying to understanding the science behind it. I particularly enjoy learning science through experiments, it is always lots of fun!

STEM Learning - How to participate

If you want to participate in my future STEM videos, please send an email to to show your interest. I will reply to your emails ASAP with the next steps on how to get involved. There is no age limit for participating, since our youngest participant is just 5 years old. So, drop an email to exhibit your skills and passion using this platform.

STEM Learning - Videos

My first 25 videos are based on STEM toys and later videos are based on STEM experiments.

Check out all of my STEM Learning videos here - STEM Learning Series playlist

STEM Learning - References
  1. Robert Winston's - Science Experiments, Science Labs, Utterly Amazing Science, Science Squad, It is Elementary!
  2. Steve Parker's - The Science of Light, The Science of Forces, The Science of Water, Sound, Electricity & Magnetism
  3. Miles Kelly - Super Science Experiments
  4. Lucy Roger's - Inventor Lab
  5. John Farndon - How Things Work