Vamsi Visions

About Music Compilations

My music journey started off in Key Stage 2. I tried out the violin, recorder, piano and drums. The reason why I am so passionate about music is because it allows me to escape into a new world, playing gives me lots of pleasure and relaxation.

Piano Compilations - What inspired me

The piano is something that has caught my eye recently. I do not attend proper classes but was motivated to try it out after watching videos on youtube. I have started to self teach myself piano by learning how to play well known theme songs.

Piano Compilations - How to participate

I am more than happy to post your piano videos here, get in touch with me if you are interested by sending an email to I will reply to your emails ASAP with the next steps on how to get involved. Remember, there is no age limit for participating. So, drop an email to exhibit your Piano/keyboard talent using this platform.

Piano Compilation - Videos

Watch the Piano Compilations here Piano Compilations playlist

Mridangam Journey - What inspired me

The unique carnatic sounds produced by the Mridangam is what inspired me to learn to play it. The Mridangam is a south Indian percussion instrument, it is a double headed drum. Konnokol is the language that is recited to learn this drum.

Mridangam Journey - Videos

Watch Mridangam videos here Mridangam Journey playlist