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About Vamsi Visions

Vamsi Visions was created in July 2020. The main aim of this channel is to create a platform to share what I learn and try out new things collaboratively. Think of this as a space where you can all express your interest and skills.

Vamsi Visions - What inspired me

Online school gave me a lot of free time and an opportunity to explore. I engaged myself with reading fiction and non-fiction books during lockdown. Having developed an interest for reading and science, I was inspired to publish book reviews, music compilations & STEM Learning videos.

Vamsi Visions - Videos
Vamsi Visions - Special features
  1. Weekly video uploads
  2. Viewers' contribution in my videos
Vamsi Visions - Reach to the public
    The following people got into contact with me after watching my videos and appreciated my work.
  • British Medical Doctor Professor Robert Winston Robert Winston
  • The Director of Polydron and Educational Advantage Polydron
  • Interview with Polydron Interview with Ploydron
  • The HR Assistant & Administrative Co-ordinator of Micro:bit Educational Foundation Microbit
  • The Publishing Director, DK & The Editor, DK Children's Dorling Kindersley